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NUCCA vs. Traditional Chiropractic

People tend to believe that all chiropractic treatment is unsafe, not effective, or a waste of money because of common misconceptions surrounding chiropractic practices in general. While it is true that inexperienced chiropractic doctors can actually do more harm than good when they’re performing a correction, NUCCA upper cervical chiropractic doctors use an entirely different approach.

There is no way to know for sure how skilled a chiropractor is, so receiving an adjustment can be a roll of the dice, and it can actually be highly dangerous if done incorrectly. NUCCA chiropractors on the other hand must undergo a rigorous and extensive training program that includes many lectures, and different types of tests and examinations to prove their knowledge. Unlike traditional chiropractors, they also use gentle touching techniques in order to guide the spine back into place over time, rather than all at once.

After the upper cervical spine is realigned or guided back into its proper place, NUCCA treatment relies on the body’s own natural healing system to restore proper balance and alignment. Patients then continue to receive NUCCA care in follow-up appointments in order to maintain the correct spinal placement to promote optimal brain and body communication. During traditional chiropractic adjustments, the spine is forced back into position with jerky motions, making it completely impractical for some older or weaker patients to even receive this type of care.

Additionally, NUCCA chiropractic doctors must go through rigorous and intensive training where they must prove their knowledge of the upper cervical spine, as well as their ability to read and make spinal adjustments based off of x-ray analysis. Receiving NUCCA chiropractic care is one of the safest and most effective nonsurgical, noninvasive treatments for a variety of critical health issues from migraines, sciatica, headaches, neck problems, vertigo, and dizziness.

Today we are going to showcase a handful of NUCCA cases that really highlight the beneficial effects of receiving NUCCA care. We talked with hundreds of people around the world, all with different ailments to understand how NUCCA care has helped them dramatically. Watch all of these NUCCA reviews below to see what you can expect from NUCCA and it’s natural healing based approach towards positive health.


NUCCA Review 1

Dr. Flory: How was equilibrium imbalance affecting your life before NUCCA?

Chris: For two years I was battling equilibrium imbalance, persistent unsteadiness, and just felt like my whole equilibrium system was not right. All of this created consistent head pressure too that I was looking to be relieved from. I was feeling depressed and like I wasn’t in charge of my emotions and I just felt like something had to be done. For two years I prayed to god to show me something, like how can I get healed, could I find a different doctor? But nobody knew anything, neurologists, doctors, nobody. So I had a look online and I found NUCCA chiropractic. Now I’m much better, and honestly, I’m a different Chris today than I was back then.

During those hard times before Atlas Brain Spine… well, all I can say is it makes me appreciate my health now because I feel so much better today. I just don’t let that go or take it for granted as I would before. Maybe people who are healthy consider health a guarantee. But I know how I felt back then, and now with Atlas Brain Spine, so I understand health is a precious gift. You helped me get my balance back, my equilibrium, which means no more dizziness.

I just want to be able to go to the beach and run on the rocks next to the ocean. I just want to be able to enjoy the beach, without having to worry about falling on the rocks because of disequilibrium imbalance. I just enjoy life now, even with everything we all go through. Everybody goes through bad times and hard times, but it makes us realize through those struggles what our calling is.

I don’t want to go back to that state again, to feel worse. I just feel like I enjoy life now and I’m more grateful for what I’ve got. Also, it’s important to realize that if you’re currently in a poor condition, there probably are better days ahead. You kind of had to have faith in order to push through it. If you’re considering trying NUCCA care, or want to see if NUCCA might be the right thing to do, then I’d say without a shadow of a doubt, you should just do it. It’s your health, why not better yourself?

I mean, you know, in my own philosophy when it comes to your health, there’s no amount of money that could justify putting it off. NUCCA care definitely is worth it. It’s what helped me to regain my life back, and I’m positive it can do the same for others, which is why I’m so passionate about sharing my review. I kept wanting to receive treatment from general chiropractors, but nobody could help me out. Nobody at all, until finally, NUCCA helped me out.


NUCCA Review 2

Dr. Flory: What was your vertigo and dizziness like before receiving treatment?

Ivy: Before I came in, I had serious vertigo. I could hardly get out of bed without leaning against a wall. I got no help from any of the medications I was prescribed. My symptoms were just progressively getting worse by the day. And then one evening I found an ad online for Atlas Brain Spine. So, I clicked on it and came in for my initial NUCCA session.

Now my vertigo is gone, and I’ve got the bonus of no longer having migraines as well. I’m not dizzy anymore, and it’s also crucial to note that I’m no longer dizzy upon standing, which was my main problem, and would occur before the vertigo hit. I just overall feel much better, and now I even pay attention to how I’m feeling, which is leading to feeling healthy more than I ever did before.


NUCCA Review 3

Dr. Flory: Did NUCCA care help with your migraines and nerve pain?

Michelle: I have had a long list of health problems that dated back to probably my early childhood. I never could put a finger on it, but I would say my biggest issues were frequent migraines and nerve pain that ran down my leg. Additionally, I was just feeling like I was always in a state of tension and just off balance. I would often feel like my head was a basketball that instead of balancing on a point evenly, instead felt like it was way off and I could never really feel at rest. Within the first few months, I didn’t notice much, but as I looked back after about six months of care, the tension in my back was gone.

I no longer require the frequent back rubs and neck rubs that I was often asking for seeking relief. The nerve pain was gone too, meaning I was not having the sciatic pain down my leg, so that was a huge relief and my migraines were so much more manageable than before. There was a food component that I also corrected, but overall the headache feeling was gone thanks to receiving NUCCA care and my energy levels naturally started to pick up as well. In the beginning, before treatment, I would say that it was kind of like taking two steps forward and then three steps back. Now I feel like I’m at a place where it’s three steps forward with maybe one step back.


NUCCA Review 4

Dr. Flory: How have your chronic migraines decreased since receiving NUCCA treatment?

Phillip: I was suffering from both chronic migraines and chronic headaches. Since beginning NUUCA care I have had a massive decrease in headaches and migraines. I’m able to be a little more active now after finding NUCCA, originally I was seeing neurologists and they could never really diagnose my problems. Neurologists had told me that I had headaches and migraines because of genetics, and so they put me on all these medications even though the medications weren’t working. I found NUCCA after a friend came to Atlas Brain Spine. They told me about it and so I decided to try it out. Ever since then I’ve been able to get off of my medications, and have found a huge decrease in my headaches and migraines


NUCCA Review 5

Dr. Flory: How did spinal realignment help with Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia pain?

Patient: We brought George Paul here to Atlas Brain Spine because we were desperate. He was in excruciating pain from Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia, which is also known as the suicide disease. We’d been to five, neurosurgeons and were preparing for surgery. When through a friend of a friend we heard about NUCCA treatment, and we decided what have we got to lose?

We came to see Dr. Flory, he was the first doctor who said yes, I think I can help George Paul.

Now he has no more pain, before he was in screaming pain every day, all day long, until he went to sleep. We’ve seen other changes with George Paul too, including digestion, and an increase in physical ability, but still, the loss of excruciating pain is the best. If I had known about taking care of spinal alignment and NUCCA earlier, I would have brought George Paul in as a baby.


NUCCA Review 6

Dr. Flory: How did NUCCA care help with your vertigo and dizziness?

Melissa: I was experiencing very severe vertigo and dizziness. It got to the point where I couldn’t walk straight. I couldn’t wear high heels. Sometimes I’d wake up and I couldn’t tell which way was up, or which way was down. Every time I would sit up, the room would immediately start to spin. I’d be driving and I would get a dizzy spell out of nowhere and I would have no idea where it came from or how to treat it.

I would just be sitting in my car relaxing and then they would hit me to the point where I’d have to pull off to the side of the road. I came here because I had been to a bunch of different doctors previously and none of them could tell me what was wrong. I was really frustrated and scared mostly, but then became hopeful after receiving NUCCA care.

Not knowing originally, what the cause of all this dizziness was, I had been doing some online research when I came across Atlas Brain Spine. It seemed to be something new and different, I had never heard of it, but I decided to try it out anyway. I have had so many improvements since beginning my treatment. For starters, I can walk straight now. Also, I can wear high heels now. I’m not afraid of driving anymore. I feel better overall because this disease doesn’t have me under its control anymore.

Previously it was just taking over my life. I couldn’t do anything independently, I couldn’t drive, or do basic errands by myself. Thanks to NUCCA and Atlas Brain Spine, now I can again be active again. I can drive on the freeway and not be worried at all. Thankfully, I don’t have dizzy spells anymore. I think sometimes I’ve felt slight dizziness maybe twice a month maybe, but nothing like before. The main difference is that other doctors were just trying to patch up the problem, but Atlas Brain Spine got to the root of the issue. Basically, thank you for giving me my life back.


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Receiving NUCCA care can help you whether you’re suffering from equilibrium imbalance, vertigo, dizziness, migraines, nerve pain, or sciatica to name a few common ailments. By restoring the communication between your head and body, NUCCA enables the body’s own healing system to fix itself without the need for jarring or popping motions.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Flory now to start receiving NUCCA chiropractic treatment right away. All of the reviews featured here are typical of how NUCCA chiropractic patient’s feel after receiving consistent treatment. These different ailments were all fully treatable using the NUCCA technique. If you’re suffering from anything including migraines, aches, and pains, to fatigue and soreness, then schedule an appointment with Dr. Flory today in order to begin receiving treatment for these ailments now.