NUCCA Chiropractic


History of NUCCA

Believe it or not, NUCCA has a long history, beginning all the way back in 1941 with two chiropractors from Michigan. Dr. Ralph R. Gregory and Dr. John Grostic Sr. teamed up in order to develop a highly accurate method of re-balancing and correcting the misalignment of the upper cervical spine. The procedure was successful in helping patients reduce their pain, and participants reported an overall enhancement in their well being. It wasn’t until 1966 that the NUCCA organization was created, the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. The NUCCA organization was formally created after the death of Dr. Grostic, Dr. Gregory formed the association in order to present educational seminars about the pair’s findings.

Dr. Gregory worked on the development of NUCCA and the spinal alignment procedures until his death in 1990. The research and critical changes that were implemented during this time period continue to be used today in modern NUCCA chiropractic procedures. Dr. Gregory’s life work was to unravel the complexities of the C-1 Subluxation Complex since he believed imbalances and any misalignment in the body are the driving cause of ill-health in all individuals. Without Dr. Gregory’s insight and deep focus in the creation of NUCCA, these revelations of the upper spine would have never come to fruition.


What is NUCCA Chiropractic?

Unlike other forms of chiropractic technique, NUCCA uses exact measurements to adjust the spine naturally over time rather than forcing the spine into place all at once. Many of these forms of chiropractic technique can actually be harmful to the spine, rather than helpful. Atlas Profilax is one such chiropractic practice where administers are able to receive qualifications within a few weeks, and the spinal realignments are based on general techniques, rather than measured and exact adjustments.

With NUCCA, patient’s spinal misalignment’s are measured with lasers before any adjustment is made. From there, small adjustments are made across a handful of appointments with a NUCCA practitioner so that the spine is realigned over time as it naturally would during self-healing. The patient’s upper cervical spine is then remeasured, and if misalignment still exists, slight adjustments continue to be made until the patient’s spine is back in proper alignment.


NUCCA Practitioners

Becoming a NUCCA practitioner is not like becoming an Atlas Profilax practitioner or another chiropractic doctor. NUCCA practitioners must become proficient in all the different aspects of x-ray analysis including x-ray positioning, biomechanics, patient evaluation, and most importantly the spinal adjustments and healing of the Atlas Subluxation Complex. Doctors interested in becoming practitioners are strongly encouraged to attend all NUCCA seminars and related conferences. By attending these NUCCA events prospective doctors are educated and trained by Certified NUCCA doctors in the complete application and knowledge of the NUCCA technique.

This is an integral part of the NUCCA Technique Certification Program which is considered one of the most intense and difficult Chiropractic training programs. This difficulty is due to the required shift in thinking regarding the complexity of the cervical biomechanics because these mechanisms are extremely demanding of NUCCA doctors, requiring precision and minor adjustments down to the smallest fractions of a degree.

NUCCA utilizes laser precision measurements before any adjustments are made to patients. Being able to apply these NUCCA techniques trains doctors in the most predictable and consistent ways to reduce issues with the C-1 subluxation complex. NUCCA doctors who have completed the NUCCA program, and received certification have access to an unmatched skill, and now understand the subtleties associated with reducing misalignments in the upper cervical spine.

There are 3 levels of certification that NUCCA practitioners must pass in order to receive certification in the field. Level’s 1 and 2 require passing online exams to demonstrate knowledge of NUCCA, and level 3 requires demonstrating actual ability like taking x-rays, analyzing x-rays, and accurately reducing the ASC complex consistently. Doctor’s must demonstrate their ability to reduce subluxation by 80% or better compared to the initial x-rays. The prospective doctor must also provide the biomechanical explanations regarding the x-rays that are submitted.


Upper Cervical Spine

What is the upper cervical spine exactly? Many patients who could greatly benefit from NUCCA chiropractic care are not even aware of the integral role that the upper cervical spine plays in their current health situation. The upper cervical spine is the key to healthy communication between the brain, neck, spine, and the rest of the body. If this component of the body is not in proper alignment, all sorts of ailments, pains, and aches can begin to manifest in the patient’s body.

Rather than the traditional chiropractic route, which uses jarring and intense physical motions in order to pop the component of the spine back into perfect alignment, NUCCA chiropractic focuses on gently realigning the spine into the optimal position so that the body can begin to heal itself naturally over time. Until this proper alignment is restored in the upper cervical spine, the patient’s own bodies will be incapable of fully restoring themselves to proper health without pains.

Benefits of NUCCA Chiropractic Care
If you are curious about the potential benefits of receiving NUCCA chiropractic care then consider what many patients have reported after their own sessions. NUCCA chiropractic care does rely on follow-up appointments in order to maintain the proper balance between the head and body. Because the upper cervical spine area is so sensitive, only mild adjustments are made at a time, in order to allow the body to guide itself back into proper alignment.

The major reported benefits of upper cervical chiropractic correction include:

• Pain relief
• Increased mobility
• Improved sleep
• Better focus and concentration

Aside from the apparent benefits of receiving NUCCA care, the real goal is to cure any unwanted ailments that the patient is likely experiencing because of poor communication between the head and body. When this connection is disrupted by a lack of spinal alignment, all sorts of physical and mental ailments can begin to manifest in the patient.


How is NUCCA Done?

NUCCA is done with exact evaluations, there’s no general chiropractic technique applied or cure-all approach that takes place. Patient’s are evaluated and examined for spinal misalignment’s but the evaluation does not stop there. NUCCA practitioners look at past traumas including vehicle accidents, and surgeries. The doctor will listen to where you’re experiencing pain, take into account your history, and determine whether you’re an excellent candidate to receive NUCCA chiropractic care.

The NUCCA doctor primarily focuses on the relationship between the head and neck. The bone on of the top of the neck is known as the atlas, and it’s crucial that the atlas is properly aligned with the head, as well as the vertebrae of the spine below it. Any injury done to the spine can lead to severe damage and misalignment in the spinal structures which can lead to postural imbalance, pelvic distortion, and something referred to commonly as leg length disparity.
Precise, accurate, and small adjustments are key to NUCCA Chiropractic.

In order to properly realign the patient’s body balance through the head and neck alignment, upper cervical care depends on highly precise adjustments. Once the spine is back into proper alignment, follow-up appointments are recommended in order to keep guiding the upper cervical spine back into place. Many patients don’t know that there are several common issues that arise because of spinal misalignment.

The commonly associated problems with spinal misalignment include:

• Nervousness
• Allergies
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Migraines
• Stiffness and Pain

And that’s only naming a few, the number of everyday conditions that occur because of a lack of proper communication between the mind and body are astounding. Most people are not aware that their issues can be solved through proper balance within the body, allowing their own natural healing attributes to work optimally, and how much better they feel once this is possible.

Changes that occur because of the NUCCA chiropractic adjustment are highly measured, including follow up appointments and using x-rays along with laser measurements to keep the spine in proper alignment. This is done to record your progress and ensure your health status is improving as a result of the NUCCA sessions. Also, keep in mind that patients are only considered if doctors determine that they could actually benefit from receiving NUCCA care.


Less Jarring and More Effective

Unlike traditional chiropractic corrections, NUCCA chiropractic doctors use a gentle touch technique, specially tailored to that specific patient’s needs. This is what makes the NUCCA chiropractic method so much more effective than traditional chiropractic work. Rather than making general jarring motions to force the spine back into alignment, NUCCA doctors gently guide the upper cervical spine with precise and light touches.

This reopens the communication pathways from the head to the body, allowing the body’s own natural healing mechanism to take over. By gracefully moving the upper cervical spine back into alignment, and then focusing on maintenance through follow-up visits where a similar process is repeated, patients can see more effective results compared to patient’s who don’t receive NUCCA chiropractic sessions.


Evaluating Initial X-rays

Everyone’s misalignment is different, which is why NUCCA chiropractic doctors always do an initial round of x-rays and testing before beginning any corrective adjustments. It’s true that anyone can receive NUCCA treatment, but doctors will be able to determine if NUCCA is right for your spinal requirements.

Once you’re approved to receive treatment from your chiropractor, meaning it’s right for your misalignment, then the best course of treatment is created. The doctor will take x-rays and evaluate the exact corrections that are necessary to begin moving your spine back into alignment. After this first adjustment is made, the doctor will take the 2nd set of x-rays to determine exactly how your spine responded to the initial treatment. Patients do not always require another adjustment after the initial realignment, and this is what’s determined during the post-treatment x-ray.


First NUCCA Chiropractic Adjustment

So far we’ve discussed briefly what the initial NUCCA chiropractic session is like. Patients undergo diagnostic tests involving x-rays and first adjustments to the spine. Now let’s take an in-depth look at a typical first NUCCA chiropractic adjustment.

During the first NUCCA adjustment, patients lie down on the adjusting table, where the chiropractor will have you placed into a precise position. Once in this position, the doctor can start to manipulate the vertebrae of the patient’s head and neck. The chiropractor does not get into one general position, but it’s a specific corrective position based on your particular misalignment.

Unlike standard chiropractic adjustments, NUCCA chiropractic adjustments are much more focused on a light touch rather than quick jerking motions. This is done in order to realign the spine gracefully, near the first neck vertebra, and in most cases, this first NUCCA chiropractic adjustment only takes a few minutes to complete. After this initial adjustment, follow up x-rays are taken in order to determine the best course of action to take during the next adjustment.

It can be surprising to first-time NUCCA chiropractic patients just how gentle the process can be. It’s also important to remember that patients will not feel immediate alleviation of pressure, but you can be assured that the positive benefits and feeling of well-being will manifest going forward.


Follow-Up X-Rays

The purpose of follow up appointments and x-rays is to focus on the maintenance of the upper cervical spine through future adjustments. These x-rays are compared to the initial x-rays, and the best course of action is determined for future visits. If further adjustments are required, then they will be addressed in the follow-up appointment, but mostly follow-up appointments are designed to keep the atlas bone in proper alignment for optimum brain and body balance.

If chiropractors conclude that further adjustments are required then the chiropractor will make adjustments and take further x-rays until the atlas bone is in proper alignment with the rest of the body. The longer your body stays in this proper alignment, the better chance your body has of staying healthy and recovering from any of your current ailments.

NUCCA doctors will also look to see whether or not the vertebra has begun to shift back into it’s previous out of alignment position, and if this is ever the case, the proper procedure will be followed again in order to realign the spine properly once more. Every person’s specific body and genetic makeup affect how their body heals and how it responds to spinal corrections. Follow-up NUCCA chiropractic appointments are focused on determining whether or not the NUCCA adjustments are holding, and your spine is not shifting back into a misaligned state.


Qualifications For Receiving NUCCA Chiropractic Treatment

As we’ve mentioned earlier, NUCCA chiropractic adjustments are based on a gentle touching technique, employing light touches rather than rapid jerking motions to realign the spine. This makes NUCCA chiropractic treatment perfect for almost anyone, regardless of age, physical activity, or overall health. What’s crucial to NUCCA chiropractic’s effectiveness is getting regular NUCCA adjustments once you begin the process.

Receiving regular NUCCA adjustments ensures that the spine always remains in proper alignment and that any health conditions or ailments that patients are suffering from don’t return due to this improper balance. Done in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and normal medical treatments, NUCCA chiropractic adjustments are a great method for almost anyone who wants to remain in peak physical health throughout their entire life.

Patients will start to feel better after their initial NUCCA adjustment because the nervous system will no longer have to cope with the undue stress and pressure that is being caused by misalignment. The body naturally stabilizes itself once this tension is relieved, and patients who seek regular follow-up appointments are able to see full recoveries from their current conditions.

If you are currently living with any range of different ailments caused by spinal misalignment, conditions like nervousness, allergies, fatigue, depression, migraines, stiffness or pain, then it’s important to seek NUCCA chiropractic treatment today in order to remedy these common occurrences. You will begin to feel relief within days, and within a few weeks, most symptoms can completely subside as long as patients continue to receive gentle corrective adjustments in order to keep the spine in alignment.


Get Started With NUCCA Chiropractic

If you want chiropractic relief but prefer to avoid the jarring movements and popping involved with traditional chiropractic doctors, then consider NUCCA chiropractic treatment for your current condition. There is an abundance of little and precise nerves in the neck that facilitates proper communication between the head, neck, and body.

Normal chiropractic treatment does not take into account the relationship between all of these nerves, and the gentle care that is required to facilitate healing, rather than the quick and extreme movements associated with traditional chiropractic treatments. Contact Dr. Flory and our NUCCA chiropractic team today to begin receiving necessary adjustments to get back to your most optimal brain and body balance.