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Causes of Spinal Misalignment

Spinal misalignments happen because of stress and pressures incurred from our everyday lives and habits. Typically a vertebrae will shift out of alignment, or compounding pressures and issues will just begin to cause pain. These vertebral subluxations can also lead to irregular mobility.

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Spinal Misalignment Symptoms

Spinal misalignment symptoms vary in levels of severity and pain, but even slight symptoms should not go ignored, since they could lead to scoliosis and worse spinal complications later in life. Once you start experiencing severe pains and side effects from spinal misalignment, you need to treat your spinal misalignment symptoms immediately.

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C1 Atlas Misalignment Symptoms

Common C1 Atlas misalignment symptoms include headaches, head colds, dizziness, migraines, blood pressure problems, chronic fatigue, and anxiety.

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